Nominating Committee Status Report

Status report of the nominating committee of the Mid-Atlantic District board

  • Chair—Mitchell Marovitz, APR, Fellow PRSA (2018 MAD immediate past chair)
  • Member—David Reel, CAE (2018 chair-elect/2019 chair)
  • Member—Rosie Braude Esposito, APR
  • Ex-officio – Andrew Ryan, APR (2018-MAD chair)

Key dates:

  • November 9, 2018—Board of Directors meeting, Mid-Atlantic District, Tele-conference
    • Presentation of slate of nominees
    • Call for nominations from the floor
  • November 5, 2018—Deadline notice of nomination to District Board
    • Slate announced to Chapter Reps (written)
    • Slate posted on MAD website (published)

Over the past several months, this committee has reviewed the qualifications of several candidates for the few openings on the 2019 Mid-Atlantic District board.  Based on a final vote on October 30, 2018, the NomCom is pleased to place before the representatives of the Mid-Atlantic District board, the following proposed slate of officers for their consideration as nominees for 2019:

  • Chair-elect – Michael Gross,APR/Philadelphia
  • Treasurer- Jen Bemisderfer, APR/National Capital (incumbent)
  • Secretary – Janet Kacskos, APR, Fellow PRSA/Central Pennsylvania

According to Section 7, MAD bylaws, the current chair-elect, David Reel, CAE/Chesapeake, will automatically ascend as Chair upon the completion of the term of the current board (Dec. 31, 2018).

The committee would also like to acknowledge the dedicated service provided to the District by outgoing secretary Jennifer Guild, who volunteered her time and expertise when the then-incumbent moved outside the district and could no longer serve.

As this is a report from an appointed committee, a vote to accept this report is not needed.  Instead, a vote on this nominated slate will be conducted in the New Business portion of the agenda at the upcoming Board of Directors meeting on Friday, November 9, at 12:00 p.m.  At that time, nominations for any of these positions from the floor will also be entertained.

Respectfully submitted,

Mitchell Marovitz, APR, Fellow PRSA
2018 MAD Nominating Committee